Welcome to the home of THEKINGS

Faction level 3

If you are interesting in joining our faction there are some things you need to know about us:

  1. We are a fun and friendly faction
  2. We love helping each other
  3. We are a no stress laid back kind of faction

Some Rules you need to know.

  • We try to keep our conversation clean and fun
  • We like to joke around in a light-hearted care free style
  • Character role playing is acceptable and encouraged (as long as it is kept clean)
  • Must be lvl 50 or higher

Check It Out!


To check out the faction in game play, go to http://perfectworld.com/ and down load the game, we are on the Twilight Server.

Important fact to know about a good faction…it is not the leader that makes the faction - it is all the people in the faction(including the leader) that make the faction good. Everyone has to be activily involved for it to work well.

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