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FB29 location Secret Passage (569 743)

A Tormented Soul (must have completed Aware of Harmony, Spiritual Cultivation for levels 21- 29)

  • Speak with General Summer (521 629)
  • Speak with Puhui the Taoist (520 629)
  • Speak with Puhui the Taoist (520 629) once again to get the call of Duty Tabs

Hall of Deception (FB29): Call of Duty Tabs for:
Boss: Qingzi, in the Hall of Deception found on the pwi map at the Secret Passage.

Time Saver: Save FB29 and do with Lost Jaded Hairpin (lvl 30) and Statues (lvl 37) quests.
Lost Jade Hairpin (lvl 30) (refered to as the Token of Seven quest)

  • Speak with Young Lady Ping (531 652) to start it, continue the quest until you get Wheel of Earth – collect the Wheel of Earth inside the secret passage in the tomb of heros

Statues (lvl 37),

  • Speak with Wen Tzu (522 644) - collect the Celestial Painting from the Hall of Deception (FB29 dungeon).

FB39 location Gate of Delirium (125 558)

Evil Force (FB39) speak with Celestial Elder (471 567 ) to get the Call of Duty tabs for 3 Bosses:
Farren Sereneti
Calcid of the Flame
Hercule Troic

Time Saver: Do Gate of Delirium (lvl 37) and Ghost's Mediation (lvl 38) together with Evil Force (FB39).
Ghost’s Meditation (level 39), Celestial Elder (471 567)
collect 3 books of Everlasting Meditation from:

  • 1. Hellish Terrawarth Magus
  • 2. Hellish Terrawarth General
  • 3. Reverex Carapace

The Gate of Delirium (level 37), Celestial Recluse (467 567)
Kill the following mobs

  • 5 - Demonic Mossprite
  • 5 - Hellish Reverex

FB51 (Fb49) location Secret Frostcover Grounds (318 572)

will get 2 taps one for fushma and one for ranka turn in quest and get 3rd tab for myriadtail wyvern, and get quest for 4th boss (Fallen Warmonk)

Sign of the Talon (level 50) Dragon’ End (284 566) Mobs needed inside the FB
located at Frozen Realm Dungeon (321 574)

  • (8) Windrider’s seal – Mistrealm Terrawraith Magus
  • (8) Talonwing Stamps – Feligar Mistrealm Striker
  • (8) Talon Tokens - Hexocelot Mistrealm Warrior

The Scepter (lvl51) speak with Count Misfortune (665 968) continue this quest until you get The Book Mission #4 – Kill the Myriadtail Wyvern (save this quest for when you do your FB 59, this is the last boss in FB59).

FB59 location Valley of Disaster (442 410) near Kings Feast

Heaven’s Trail (lvl 58) speak with King’s Feast Chief (465 432) get the quest to collect 5 Tokens.

  • Token of metal, Token of Wood, Token of Water, Token of Fire, Token of Earth

Outcast (lvl 55) speak with Hsun the Elder (706 907) continue this quest until mission #5

  • collect 10 Mysterywood Fruit from the Guilded Princess located on Black Mountain (495 301) and save them to turn in when you do FB 59

FB69 location Wraithgate (588 446)

FB79 location Dreamweavers Port (676 360)

FB 89 Call of Duty: Demon (or Sage) different locations for Sage and Demon.

Sage: location Brimstone (113 758) south of Thousand Streams (1K Streams)
Level 89
•See Call of Duty
Brimstone Pit
Prerequisite: Aware of the Myriad: Be Elevated quest, Sage quest only
Reward: 12150 coins, 20250 exp, 4600 spirits, 27 reputations, 1 Celestone
Item Reward: Choice of Lvl 10 Arcane Legging or Lvl 10 Might Ring

1.Speak with Master Li (130 836)
2.Kill the following monsters in Brimstone Pit (FB89 Demon)
◦20 Demonic Acephalid
◦20 Glaived Maleficence
◦20 Acephalid Ranger
3.Return to Master Li (130 836) for the reward.

Demon: location Eden (158 991) north of Thousand Streams (1K Streams)
Prerequisite: Aware of the Void: Sacrifice quest, Demon quest only
Reward: 12150 coins, 20250 exp, 4600 spirits
Item Reward:

1.Speak with Mo Zun Demon Guide (129 841)
2.Kill the following mobs in Eden (FB89 Sage)
◦20 Heavenly Rhinorex
◦20 Celestial Oddfoot Champion
◦20 Celestial Dranite Priestess

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