Hidden Dragon Den

introduction, Screen Shot #1

Hi, call me Royal, I hope these screen shots help you find the a secret!
Dont worry you won't knock yourself out!
Instead you will be teliported to a hidden instance.
the "Hidden Dragon Den"

first stage, Screen Shot #2

Here we are inside, I have jumped up on the ledge to give you a better view.
You will get a pop up when you first come in. Read and accept it to take the quest.

This is the first Stage

There are 6 statues in the outer circle around the center Platorm - Kill them

  • Fire-weak against fire
  • Earth-weak against earth
  • Water-weak against water
  • Wood-weak against wood
  • Gold-weak against metal
  • Item-weak against physical damage

Archers & Caster Classes up on the ledge where I am have better protected form the fire circles and smoke circles that randomly attacks the ground melee classes killing them quickly.

After the statues are dead, 6 people must climb to the top of the chains where each statue stood and dig a ball of light simultaneously. Once you see the message that you have succeeded in diging the balls of light at the same time, you will feel an earth quake. This is everyones que to meet by the center of the platform where "Detector Darkstone Essense " is (Only the leader of the squad will see the yellow flag over him)Once the leader takes the quest you will be teliported to the second stage of the quest. (B4 leader takes quest, this is the time to take a moment to rebuff)

second stage, Screen Shot #3 - oops I forgot to get a screen shot here

First, the squad will need to defend the sleeping boss in the center of the platform against and flame type mobs that randomly drops an item used to dig and seal one of the 4 cauldrons located around the outside of the platform. Periodically a little mini type boss shows up along with the flame type mobs, kill them too. After sealing the 4 cauldrons the sleeping boss will awaken.

note: If squad is set to free, the leader has to pick up the item and dig the cauldrons. If Squad is set to random, each player needs to watch to see if they receive the item needed to dig the cauldrons.

After the Boss Awakes, several sets of 3 different types of floating balls will appear and start floating around the edges of the platform.

3 Types of floating balls and their purpose:

Solid white - boosts channeling
Red - speeds attack
Blue - provides a temporary protective shield

Pay attention to what the boss says: (he will say 3 different things and what you need to do)

"Burial Inferno is planning for a severe Blast!" - POP a blue bubble for protection.
"Burial Inferno is preparing to grind every thing nearby" - He is going to reel you into the center of the platform - run off as fast as you can.
"Every dead player will make Burial Inferno go crazy!" If to many die, It is best to let boss reset and try again.

note: Seems to work best if the squad groups together and travels in a counter clockwise direction around the platform staying near a Blue Bubble for an emergency pop to get some quick protection when needed. word to the wise, DO NOT POP the blue bubble before he says the severe Blast thing.
Once the boss is dead, pick up the Dragon Blood Stones (reward)

third stage, Screen Shot #5
Once this stage starts, set up an AOE at the base of one of the staircases to farm mob drops that help you defeat the boss.

2 Items the mobs drop and what each item is used for.

Soul-cleansing Essence - purifies you
Beetle gasbag - makes you jump high into the air to reach the Silver & Gold coins

note: Is advisable to use The Beetle gasbag to jump into the are to hit a Gold Coin before the boss is started. The Gold Coin gives you a damage buff to help kill the boss faster and I am not sure what the Sliver Coins give you. High flying in the air with Beetle Gasbag....lol! Screen Shot

It is also advisable to try and stay on the platform of the little pillar located behind the boss. You take less damage from the lava there. And, A Barb can with good armor using envoke seems to fair ok keeping the mini boss (Chen Yen) killed as he spawns. also beware that the 105 mobs (Chi Gui) seem to keep spawning on the cleric as they use heal - Save the cleric at all cost. Kill mini boss (Chen Yen) as he respawns ....lol! Screen Shot

NOOOOO! Timer Ran out....lol! Screen Shot

Rewards are:

10 Dragon Blood Stones
1 Dragon Jade Stone (Character Bound)
4 Old Book Pages
4 Pages of Fate
80 Ultimate Substances
1 Knight Order: Gives 800 Reputation

Where You Go If You Die! Screen Shot

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