This Bank is closed to withdrawals atm, We are filling for point system

This Bank is used to store the Twilight Temple (TT) runs in.
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Image Name Level InBank 12/1 Value
K_001.jpg Piece of Skeleton 60 purple 432
K_002.jpg Mysterious Skull 70 purple 95
K_003.jpg Klunky Sword 80 purple 99
K_003.jpg Chintien's Edge 60 green 12
K_003.jpg Frenzy Lion's Edge 90 green
K_003.jpg Skaidread's Edge 99 green
K_004.jpg Broken Drum 60 green 12
K_004.jpg Framework of Drum 70 green 3
K_004.jpg War Drum 80 green 1
K_005.jpg Chin's Plate 80 green 1
K_005.jpg Frenzy Lion's Skin 70 green
K_005.jpg Forshura's Armor 70 green
K_005.jpg Feng's Steel Armor 80 gold
K_005.jpg Evil Minions Shell 90 gold 0
K_005.jpg Giant Beast's Armor 90 green 0
K_005.jpg Giant Beast Shell 90 gold 0
K_005.jpg Giant Beasts's Crimson Horn 99 green 0
K_005.jpg Shards of Darkness 99 green 0
K_005.jpg Ghost Lord's Protection 99 gold 0
K_014.jpg Chientien's Armor Shard 70 green 21
K_014.jpg Iron Plate of Darkness 90 green 2
K_007.jpg Soulgatherer's Tentacle 70 green 7
K_007.jpg Forshua's Hook 80 green
K_007.jpg Mane of the Consumer of Souls 80 green
K_007.jpg Antenna of the Consumer of Souls 90 green
K_007.jpg Touch of Seven Luminaries 90 gold
K_008.jpg Soulgatherer's Mirror 80 green
K_008.jpg Sign of Twilight 99 purple
K_008.jpg Sacred Mother's Heart 99 green
K_008.jpg Golden Spirit 80 gold
K_009.jpg Broken Shard of Gold Armor 70 green
K_010.jpg Tough Shard of Gold Armor
K_010.jpg Stone of Sacred Temple 90 purple 6
K_010.jpg Illusion Lord's Stone
K_011.jpg Ancient Serpent's Blood 80 green 2
K_012.jpg Ancient Serpent's Skin 70 green 1
K_013.jpg Forshura's Black Orb
K_014.jpg Feng's Black Armor
K_015.jpg Horn of Feng's Horse
K_015.jpg Ancient Devil's Horn
K_015.jpg Evil Minion's Horn 90 green 4
K_017.jpg Forshura's Arm
K_017.jpg Evil Minion's Burning Heart
K_018.jpg Giant Ape's Tooth
K_019.jpg Giant Ape's Palm
K_019.jpg Giant Beats's Footprint
K_020.jpg Giant Ape's Tail
K_021.jpg Dust of Stars
K_021.jpg Power of Seven Luminaries
K_021.jpg Sorceress's Aura
K_021.jpg Giant Beast's Black Aura
K_021.jpg Tsu's Ghost Mask
K_022.jpg Astral Stone
K_022.jpg Sacred Mother's Stone
K_022.jpg Minister's Stone
K_022.jpg Illusion Stone
K_023.jpg Wheel of Seven Luminaries 90 green 1
K_023.jpg Sacred Mother's Aura
K_024.jpg Ghost Lord's Power
K_025.jpg Ancient Orb
K_025.jpg Sorceress's Soul
K_026.jpg Claw of the Consumer of Souls
K_026.jpg Frenzy Lion's Claw
K_027.jpg Evil Minion's Axe Edge
K_0028.jpg Sorceress's Hand 90 green 4
K_029.jpg Feng's Iron Bars
K_029.jpg Giant Pincers of Darkness
K_030.jpg Sorceress's Headwear 99 green 1
K_031.jpg Sacred Mother's Orb 90 green 1
K_032.gif Ghost Lord's Dark Aura
K_032.gif Tsuchun's Silk Whip
K_033.jpg Ghost Lord's Ribbon
K_034.jpg Monarch's Will 0
K_035.jpg Empire's Sigh 0
K_036.jpg Empire's Black Image 0
K_037.jpg Golden Mask 0
K_038.jpg Tsuchung's Blazing Wings 0
K_039.jpg Twilight Scepter 0
K_040.jpg Illusion Spring 0
K_041.jpg Heart of Nature 0
picture Big Luminostone OHT purple 17
picture Big Gold Sculpture OHT purple 8
picture Stone of the Scarred OHT blue 5
picture Leaf of Unicorn Forest OHT blue 4
picture Tear of Heaven OHT blue 1
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