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TW Contest Winner: for the month of November is:

  • RoxieMae with a $160,000 (160k) prize $$$$


Funds Raised for November drawing: $320,000(320k) Date: 11/24/10 This will be updated at various intervals during the month

Do not miss out on an opportunity - purchase your ticket today!


Total capital as of November in Territory War Savings: $660,000 (660k) Date: 11/25/10


The Lottery

The lottery bank will be called Zee_Lottery Bank, which will strictly be for the lottery. All money collected from the lottery will remain in Zee_Lottery bank until it is allocated for battles at which time it will be transfered to the _TW_ bank. Zee_Lottery Bank earnings and distributions will be posted once a month along with the winner of the Lottery for that months drawing

Because there has been complaints on the cost of tickets , tickets now cost 1,000 (1k) each instead of 30,000 (30k) each and you can buy as many as you want.

Next Lottery drawing will be Nov. 25 th.

  • Deadline for sending money for the November lottery is the 24th of November.

Any faction can fight for territory, but we need money to challenge another faction and fight for the territory; Therefore, all must be involved in giving money to our faction for this to happen. To help finance these endeavors we have also decided that we will have a lottery every month. Purchase tickets to help raise funds to finace our wars and get a chance to win a little extra, that is to say that for every 1,000 (1k) coins that you send, (1,000 is the minimum) you will get a ticket, you send 6,000 (6k) coins you will get 6 tickets, you therefore have a greater chance that it will be you who wins the price of a share of that money. The rest goes to the faction's Lottery bank to be allocated to finance wars. Lottery drawnings occur once a month so if you missed it this month, try your luck next month.

To participate, send at least 1,000 coins to our Lottery Bank: Zee_Lottery
and we will see who has sent money, which has received a ticket.

If you have any comments or suggestions, visit the Forum and leave a comment.


  1. One ticket cost 1,000 (1k) coins. You can buy as many as you like.
  2. You must mail it to the designated Bank to receive a ticket. The designated bank is: Zee_Lottery
  3. Lottery drawing is held on the 25th of each month, so the deadline to send money is 24th of each month.

How to mail:

First go to the Banker (can be find in every city), on the right side of him it is a Mailbox.
click on the mailbox and then click on Open Mailbox. It shows if you have got anything from others. click on Send Mail. You have to write who you sending to, so write Zee_Lottery .
Then you need to write the subject, for example "ticket" and then a comment in the bigger window, otherwise you can't send it.
To put the money in the mail you have to click on the Coin icon and write in 1,000 (1k). Then you click on Send, and its done!

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