Rebirth 1 PWI

RB1 requirements: (obtain information from npc: Master of Cycles 564.674 N. Archo)

  1. Level: Your level must be at or over 100
  2. Spiritual Cultivation: Your Cultivation must be at Aware of Myriad/Aware of the Void (depending if sage/demon) or Higher
  3. Item: a reawakening Item in your bag - Stone of Love - Recreation
Spiritual Cultivation Required Level
Spiritual Adept 9-10
Aware of Principle 19-20
Aware of Harmony 29-30
Heaven's Tear-The Legend opens OHT pop up lvl 32 and after Aware of Harmony
Aware of Discord 39-40
Aware of Coalescense 49-50
Aware of Transcendant 59-60
Enlightened One 69-70
Aware of Vacuity 79-80
Aware of the Myriad 89-90 Sage must be here to RB1
Aware of the Void 89-90 Demon must be here to RB1
Master of Harmony 99-100
Master of Discord 99-100
Celestial Sage 100
Celestial Demon 100

For a really great link to check your Spiritual Cultivation levels and quest line:

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