Rebirth 2 PWI

Use caution, don't lose 2 million by accident when you rebirth for the 2nd time!

BEWARE for 2nd Rebirth - Do NOT buy the Stone of Love from the messenger (Master of Cycles) in Arch.
Your need a special Stone of Love that can only be gotten from the Sacred Cauldron (370.463) in Kirin Town (see Primal World Map)

To RB 2 you will need to do your daily Primal quest to earn primal blood (or if you belong to a faction, you can earn RW rewards and buy them in your base).

You need 6 of primordial Blood and 1 Adv.Arcane Sky Page , and a fee of 10,000.

To make an Adv. Arcane Sky Page, take 1 old book page and convert the old book page to an Advanced Arcane Sky page at the Sacred Cauldron (370.463) in Kirin Town. At the Sacred Cauldron click on cauldron and select "Quest Related" then on the next screen select "Exchange Adv. Arcane Sky Page" (caution this is the second selection in the list of pages to exchange).

Once you have exchanged the old book page for the Adv. Arcane Sky Page, Click on the Sacred Cauldron again and select Arcane?Primal Skillbook Craft and craft the Stone of love - recreation.

Then go back to the messenger In Archosaur (Master of Cycles 564.674) and use it to get your second rebirth.

You are now sent back to your homeland to start anew as Rebirth 2 and can access your Ancient Tome (default C click Ancient Tome Tab) …Congratulations - Have fun!

Short version - RB2 requirements: (obtain information from npc: Master of Cycles 564.674 N. Archo)

  1. RB: must have achieved Rebirth 1 (RB1)
  2. Level: at or over level 100
  3. Spiritual Cultivation: Aware of Myriad/Aware of the Void (depending if sage/demon) or Higher
  4. Item: BEWARE for second rebirth do not buy the Stone of Love from the Master of Cycles, you need a reawakening Item in your bag purchased only from the Sacred Cauldron inside Primal - Stone of Love - Recreation

After Rebirth 2, at level 50 you can pick up your first Primal Daily…"Sronghold Assault" ( I entered at level 47 with a larger Alt. and ground my way to level 50 - just a suggestion)

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