The 9 Trials

List of mats and their estimated Trial Run Point (TRP)

Formula Used: total $cost of items checked divided by total amount of items checked to equal the average $cost per item (see list below)
TRP = Trial Run Point and the symbol ~ is used to mean Approxiamately
1 TRP ~ $50,000 coins each

Trial Mat average price list - Date checked: 3/18/2012

Trial Mat List
Round shield Medal $77,857….. 1 ~1.5 each> Takes 2 to make TRP~3 (2/3)
Memorial Coin $9,600…..Takes 5 to make TRP~1 (5/1)
Oricalcum Ore Pack $4,487,500…..TRP~90 each
Platinum Ore Pack $1,816,667…..TRP~36 each
Adamantine Whetstone $50,000…..TRP~1 each
Damascene Ore Pack $8,000,000…..TRP~160 each
Hapatizon Whetstone Pack $7,316,666…..TRP~146 each

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