Titles In Factions

How to get one

If you want a title you have to take responsibility. It's nothing you should just try to earn for the showing, you have to keep working at the title you have acquired.


It's the title everyone have from the beginning, it doesn't require any special actions of you but remember; everyone has to be nice to each other in our faction. You should promote the faction and positive ways and encourage others to do the same.


You earn it for being helpful and loyal to our faction. It's nothing you will earn just by working as a good person and then just ignore the responsibility. If you have it/got it you have responsibility to keep doing what it requires. Executors are assistant Marshals and should invite others to join the faction. Discourage negative behavior and negative talk about each other. Promote positive attitudes and loyalty to the faction. Help teach others how to play the game and where to find things in the game. Keep the Marshals informed of important issues. Executors job is to recruit as many people as possible.


This is the third title you can get. Same goes here, you have to take responsibility, even more so than a Executor. Marshals oversees Executors and Commissioners. Marshals do the same as Executors and should assist the Director in helping to set rules in the faction, work toward building positive attitudes, invite others to join. Help come up with ways to support faction activities and special events. As Marshal you should recruit others and encourage executors to do the same.


This is the fourth and the last title you can get. The Director oversees the Marshals, Executors,and Commissioners. There can only be one Director in any faction. The Director has the same resposibilities as the other titles and should assist the Leader in building a positive healthy well adjusted faction. They are to help the Leader look for soultions to problems, brainstorm with Marshals and Executors to build the faction. Help the Leader hold board meetings with the Marshals and Executors to address issues, upcoming events, and desires of the faction as a whole.

Important concept and responsibility of a title in this faction:

If you are a Director, Marshal, or Executor of the faction and there is no one on to play when you are on, and/or the people that are on when you are on are unhapppy, I would have to say, you are not doing your job. You are a leader in the faction and it is your responsiblily to help build the faction.

Important rule about having a title:

You may have only one title per person in the faction…not per character (Toons).
If you have more than one character (Toon) in the faction and you have obtained a title for more then one of your characters (Toons), please resign those positions so that you have only one character (Toons) with a title. This is a rule that need to be followed. It is hard to keep up with which characters belong to which person. As a reference we have started tagging additional characters (Toons) with the main characters(Toon) by tag titles on the faction page.

Remember, this is OUR faction, not one persons faction….we have to work together to make it happen!

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